A Letter from the Chairman

Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. is the unabridged and seamless integration of personnel, locality, management, equipment and time. A keen focus on each individual in our team as the center of a striving and succeeding force, kindred to the Chinese Tai Chi way, ensures cargo flows in the most effective and suitable matter. From raw materials to the end product sitting on your shelves, cargo is transported quickly throughout the globe at economical prices that enable the customer to lower logistic costs without sacrificing quality. This is our creed and work ethic we continually strive for.

As a Foshan Mountain Buddhist priest once proclaimed: “The size of your enterprise is proportional to the amount of heart you put in to it.”; By pioneering the Buddhist “Tzu Chi” spirit of integrity as our business mentality, Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. has taken the traditional logistic field practices to a new level, creating a fiercely competitive team which can provide our customers with top-notch quality service, high value and earned trust.

Apart from serving our clients and selecting or developing our professional team, Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. utilizes long-term professional career planning thus enabling each employee to master his or her field. Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. also enjoys giving back to its shareholders and customers as well as to the society as a whole. Energy conservation and carbon reduction, emphasis of environmental protection, developing as a green enterprise as well as participating in container art festivals, book drives and neighborhood trash pick-up are just few of the ways we express our appreciation. These activities are not only the responsibility to the people we serve, but also what makes us a highly favored enterprise in the public eye.

Based on the philosophy of benefiting the customer and charismatic loyalty, we strive to adhere to these aforementioned principles; continuing to strive for the horizon, we at Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. aim to be a limitless force providing quality service connecting the corners of the globe from our solid foundation in Taiwan.