Employee Development

Employees are a key resource and the motivation for our company. Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. places high priority on employee benefits, providing a comfortable work environment, equal education and training, along with the opportunity of career development. Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. adopts a competitive salary and benefits policy. Personnel’s salary is based solely on his or her education and performance, with sex, race, religion, political stance, marriage status and other social factors not playing any part in the amount of salary or benefits an employee receives. Prosperco Logistics Int’l Corp. also places heavy emphasis on employee training and development. In the eyes of Prosperco, the growth of its employees is the growth of this enterprise. From the moment an employee enters the company, Prosperco Logistics maps out a training plan and outlines our companies guiding principles, concepts and related policies for the employee. In the future, each employee will open of new areas of opportunity for development based on his or her personal ability and desire.