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Company Profiles

Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. is an Asian chemical manufacture based in Taiwan. Since 2010, we have been devoted to supplying the best quality and service for our customers. In order to offer a more top-notch quality and a better user experience, we at Prosperco Petro Inc. created a trademark named PROSBLUE® which is a NOx Reduction Agent. We look forward to striving for a greener and prosperous future with you.

Prosperco Petrochemical Inc. mainly produces Live Green & Prosper related products and works to reduce the environmental damage and improve manufacturing processes as much as possible. Our company is also a quality manufacture of PROSBLUE® NOx Reduction Agent and hopes to become your best choice based off of quality manufacturing processes and reasonable pricing.

What is PROSBLUE® 

1. PROSBLUE® is a registered trademark of Prosperco Petrochemical Inc., which provides AdBlue® through Prosperco Petrochemical Inc.
2. An aqueous high purity urea solution (31.8~33.2%).
3. An denitrifier specially designed for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) in diesel engines.
4. Can effectively decrease the NOx gaseous waste released from diesel engines and purify air to meet EURO 4/5/6 emission standards.

This kind of product is referred to as an NOx reduction agent in Japan, Korea, and China and goes by several other names in different regions on the world, ex. AUS 32(Europe), DEF (U.S.A.) and ARLA 32(Brazil). Throughout the SCR system, NOx reduction agent interacts with the exhaust released from the engine, which catalyze harmful nitrogen oxides and transform them into nitrogen and water, thus raising emissions standards to be compliant with environmental regulations.

PROSBLUE® suitable for
All kinds of SCR diesel engine vehicles that wish to achieve the environmental inspection grade of 4, 5, and 6.

PROSBLUE® Implementation standard
Conform to the standard of ISO22241, DIN70070, JIS K 2247, GB29518-2013, etc.

PROSBLUE® Characteristic function

Amazing Transformation

Based off scientific research, PROSBLUE® has been confirmed to increase of NOx conversion rate around 80%. Undoubtedly, your diesel engine vehicle can easily pass the national EURO4/5/6 environmental inspection while effectively decreasing toxic emissions.

High-Purity & Quality

Our business objective is that your engine should be treated like our family, so we carefully inspect each process of PROSBLUE® production to ensure high quality product and the stability of NOx conversion rate through rigid examination standards, such as the quality of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium. These standard even surpass the criterion for AAMI blood analysis.

Perfect Proportion

With primary focus on how to effectively maintain the SCR diesel engine and lowering the expenditure of this NOx Reduction Agent, each batch of PROSBLUE® is created by using the golden ratio of AGU and water; i.e. 31.8 to 33.2%, which gives you the optimal amount of each ingredient.

What is SCR?

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) utilizes a kind of special aqueous urea solution named AdBlue®, which is sprayed into the engine exhaust pipe to decrease the output of NOx via a chemical reaction between NOx and chemical molecules in the urea, so it must be regularly added AdBlue®, the special aqueous solution. If a shortage of urea supply results in emission quality exceeding the set legal standard, the torque output of the engine will be limited.

SCR of PROSBLUE® NOx reduction agent, used with diesel exhaust, is made by V2O5/Al2Oand this kind of metal catalyst has high efficiency in lowering NOx exhaust.

De-NOx reaction usually uses ammonia reacting with NOx to produce nitrogen and water (non-toxic). Ammonia is toxic, the SCR uses urea solution as reactant because of safety and easy storage. Then SCR has high spray rate and spray control to elevate NOx transfer rate.